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The Exit To Paradise

Let the bloodshed begin!

Travis Touchdown
12 July 1981
External Services:
  • otaku_thunder@livejournal.com
Player Information
Name: BF
Age: 17
LiveJournal/E-Mail/AIM: lordsummer

Character Application
Name: Travis Touchdown
Series: The Wii game No More Heroes.
Age: 27
Gender: Male

Canon: Wikipedia entry, and official site.
Pulled In: During/after his battle with Henry in the ambiguous ending.
Cut Down: Don't be fooled by his "laser sword": oddly, the high-tech laser beam katana has been canonically parried by such weapons as a shovel, a baseball bat, and human fists. It looks cool, but it's not really capable of anything beyond your average katana.

Travis himself has this bizarre resilience to death that is never really explained: he has survived bullets, grenades exploding in his lap, and having someone punch through his chest, and although he didn't exactly shrug these wounds off he came out more or less unscathed. He'll be losing that weird invulnerability, but still be fairly tough for a scrawny otaku. He'll keep his Dark Side techniques, but they'll be significantly tuned down in terms of sheer power.

Personality: Travis is, quite honestly, an asshole. I don't know if there's a nicer way to put that. He all but gets off on killing people, taking pleasure in victory through battle (and, of course, the rewards that follow). In his defense, the guy was born and raised in Santa Destroy: a city literally built on the assassination trade. Every random joe down the street is a hitman out for blood; Travis learned the downsides of trusting other people very early on.

Despite being very intelligent and ambitious, Travis is rather self-defeating: he is crushingly lazy, preferring to spend his days sitting inside watching anime rather than going out and making something of himself. He seems to have a dual personality of sorts: you've got Travis, the loser otaku living in near-poverty, and then you've got Travis the assassin. Maybe you can blame his upbringing, maybe you can blame all the violent media he watches, but Travis is bloodthirsty. He gleefully hacks his way through mobs of hitmen and finds no greater pleasure than successfully killing a rival assassin.

When it comes to women, Travis gets a bit conflicted. It's probably important to mention that he's a complete pervert. A lifetime of watching cute girls in revealing outfits bounce around for his pleasure has conditioned him into thinking that all women are basically just sex waiting to happen. He'll shamelessly hit on any pretty girl in sight, and I don't mean in a friendly, "aren't I harmless joker" way, either. On the other hand, however, he's also been conditioned to believe that all women are either helpless or evil, and either way they aren't supposed to be hurt. He is extremely reluctant to hurt a woman, though never in a million years would he admit it.

To be totally honest, deep down Travis isn't trying to avenge his parents. He's not in it for the glory, or for the girl (although all of these are awesome). There is only one person in the world Travis Touchdown is trying to impress, and that's Travis Touchdown. He's a loser. He knows he's a loser. But when he's holding that beam katana and cutting his way through hordes of goons, hey- that's like an anime, right? And that makes him a hero, right? So, maybe he's not a total lameass loser after all, right?


Compartment: Platorm 6, Train 2, Compartment 1.